A CEO perspective on the post-invoice economy


In this webinar we will take on the perspective of a CEO on this paradigm shift that is leading us towards the post-invoice economy.

Live Demo: Source to Pay to address three common procurement challenges


Our eProcurement solution will streamline your internal processes and help you gain a competitive edge through your procurement function.

Staying alive in the post-invoice economy

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Business-to-business commerce is facing a dramatic shift.

Live Demo: Liquidity Management

on demand

Join this live demo to see first-hand how OpusCapita Liquidity can help you to gain visibility over your cash position and improve cash forecasting.

Live Demo: Connect

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This live demo will introduce the OpusCapita Connect product and provide attendees a first-hand experience of the user interface.

The new paradigm for B2B commerce

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The new paradigm is the new perspective that must be adopted by business leaders in order to remain competitive.

Blockchain - Beyond the hype

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Everybody is talking about Blockchain these days and many people and organizations are worried about the disruptive nature of this new technology.

Maximize efficiency through RPA and outsourcing!

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With all the talk about robotics and automation it’s time to check how businesses can combine innovative automation technologies with established processes for maximum effect.

How to manage fraud and risk in Cash Management

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Welcome to join the third webinar in a series of three about risk and fraud management in purchase-to-pay and cash management!

How to ensure that your purchase-to-pay process is safe from fraud

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Welcome to our second webinar in a series of three about risk and fraud management in purchase to pay!

Webinar: Dynamic Discounting

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Dynamic Discounting describes how payment terms can be established between a buyer and supplier to accelerate payment for goods or services in return for a reduced price or discou...

Webinar: Avoiding risk and fraud from a cash management and purchase to pay per...

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This webinar – the first in a series of three – will go through common risks your organization might be facing and allow you to compare with your peers. Further the webinar will g...

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Accounting

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Debate around appliance of cognitive automation in business processes has accelerated globally within the last half decade. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) combined with machine ...

Interested in possibility to connect worldwide with over 10 000 financial insti...

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Join the webinar to get practical information of OpusCapita’s global bank connection offering and find out how it can help you to concentrate on your core business!

How to ensure suppliers participation in your supp

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Welcome to our third and last webinar in a series of three about Supply Chain Finance (SCF).

Webinar | Things to evaluate before starting the Supply Chain Finance program

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Welcome to our second webinar in a series of three about Supply Chain Finance (SCF).