Case Ahlsell: Customer value through an efficient debt collection process

OC Case Ahlsell SE Butik Bromma 5 956OpusCapita and Ahlsell, a leading technical trading company in installation products and tools & machinery in the Nordics, started working together in March, 2013. OpusCapita supplies debt collection services for customers all over Sweden. The service delivered to Ahlsell enables a customized communication between client and supplier, which is a clear advantage for a major player like Ahlsell, operating in diverse business areas. A supplier available on a short hand is highly valued in an otherwise standardized environment, often characterized by limited communication.

The actual claim management is managed by Ahlsell’s credit officers within Sweden. Since Ahlsell has relatively few collection cases, close supplier contact is important when discussing and dealing with separate claims. The collection process is handled by OpusCapita as the second step, after the reminder has been sent out to the customers.

Anders Kvarnmyr is Credit Manager at Ahlsell and responsible for claim management. He is also the contact person and contract manager in the cooperation with OpusCapita, regarding collection.

The choice fell on OpusCapita due to their safe systems and reliable customer service.

“With OpusCapita we are experiencing an access and flexibility in service, that normally is unusual in the contact with collection companies”, says Anders Kvarnmyr.


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Case Ahlsell: Customer value through an efficient debt collection process
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