Easy Km relies on OpusCapita’s Invoice Manager solution

The leasing company Easy Km Ltd, part of ALD Automotive, has turned predictive financial analysis into an important competitive factor. The source of the analysis data is the purchase-to-payment process, where the company uses OpusCapita’s Invoice Manager solution.

Robert Hernberg “We are at the forefront in the use of predictive analytics. I believe that this provides us with better visibility regarding profitability monitoring than our competitors have,” says Robert Hernberg, Easy Km’s Chief Financial Officer.

Hernberg uses the analysis results to monitor whether the pricing of the leasing vehicles has been successful and how profitable the vehicles are based on their make and model.


Accurate information guides pricing decisions

Easy Km’s purchase invoices are mainly related to vehicle maintenance and purchases. Each purchase invoice row needs to be allocated as automatically as possible to a particular leasing agreement and vehicle in the company’s systems. For example, each row in a tire invoice containing hundreds of rows could refer to a separate leasing agreement.

Correct allocation of invoice rows is critically important as this ensures that the analysis data on maintenance profitability is accurate from the start.

“Data generated by OpusCapita enables us to make our pricing competitive and profitable. Our product development is based on our ability to understand our cost structures and being able to price special products, too, such as commercial vehicles.”

Outsourcing and standard applications

Easy Km has outsourced the scanning and content interpretation of paper invoices and invoices received as e-mail attachments to OpusCapita. The company receives some 80,000 purchase invoices each year, half of which are e-invoices.

Easy Km uses the OpusCapita Invoice Manager and Payment Manager applications for invoice circulation and payment processing. In addition, it uses OpusCapita Liquidity to include unpaid purchase invoices in cash forecasts.

In solution acquisitions, Robert Hernberg likes to use standard applications as much as possible, as this enables the company to benefit from the active product development of widely-used systems.

“In the process of updating our ERP system, I investigated whether there was a standard application on the market for the processing of purchase invoices which would allow us to lift and utilize the vehicle-specific invoice parameters directly from our ERP. OpusCapita was the only company that was able to offer this.”

Hernberg systematically develops Easy Km’s financial processes.

“Defining KPIs and using predictive analysis is very important for us. Identifying the appropriate indicators within financial processes is also important. These are just some of the things I’ve discussed with OpusCapita’s experts. Our partnership is defined by such exchange of ideas.


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Easy Km relies on OpusCapita’s Invoice Manager solution
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