The role of accounting bound to change in the future

Furureblog1According to a report by ETLA, the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, computerisation threatens up to one third of occupations in Finland over the next two decades. Accountants ranked fifth in the list. Financial management service provider OpusCapita foresees the future of accounting to change radically due to automation – even at a faster pace than the time span projected by ETLA – but accountants will not disappear.

OpusCapita firmly believes that the traditional role of an accountant in inserting and comparing figures, printing and filing material will become obsolete. In the future, systems will take care of routines previously carried out manually, and large quantities of paper will be replaced by electronic archives – possibly as soon as within a few years’ time with digitalisation gaining ground. Increasing electronic financial management has enabled accountants to move from routine towards more consultative and analytical tasks. Overall, work has become more efficient.

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The role of accounting bound to change in the future
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