The accounting department wanted to prepare for tighter regulation of the industry and new reporting requirements by improving the quality and accuracy of its reporting. The financial system needed to be modernized and there were also other system projects that could not be avoided.

Applikationer och lösningar som används

Payroll Order to Cash


OpusCapita provides outsourced bookkeeping, group accounting, fixed assets accounting, and accounts payable and receivable, payments and payroll services to Jyväskylä Energy. Jyväskylä Energy’s financial processes have been described and documented and the related functions and responsibilities have been clearly identified. The costs are also well known. Instead of having to carry out routine tasks, the company’s financial administration can focus on developing reporting, financing and modeling the future. There are no personnel risks in the financial administration.


Outsourcing must always aim to increase competence, and in large service centers, competence develops and becomes stronger.

Pasi Jalonen, Financial Director, Jyväskylä Energy