When Johnson & Johnson AB was integrated in the new EMEA ERP platform, they needed to find a solution for all eCommerce activities in the Nordics.

Applikationer och lösningar som används

B2B Integration eInvoice Receiving Purchasing Solution


OpusCapita implemented a series of B2B integration solutions and a PEPPOL compliant e-invoicing module, which resulted in more reliable eCommerce activities, faster processes, cost reduction and transparency. Johnson & Johnson AB has become an active participant in the PEPPOL community in Norway, and similarly in Denmark, on the Nemhandel platform. This type of access relies on OpusCapita’s unique end-to-end solutions portfolio, based on cross-border scalability.


Standardized financial services and platform results in smoother and faster trade processes.

Ulrika Edling, IT Business Relationship Lead, Johnson & Johnson AB