Alko wanted to be able to respond to demand rapidly and accurately with a more efficient messaging service.

Applikationer och lösningar som används

B2B Business Network


OpusCapita’s B2B integration service allows Alko to send orders, confirmations, customs clearance messages and business invoices electronically. Electronic ordering and supply/delivery processes bring savings to Alko and improve the operation of its stores. Since information is transmitted rapidly and reliably between Alko and its suppliers, stocks carried in the stores can be kept low, maximizing cost efficiency.


OpusCapita’s ability to honour its service pledge is very important. With a system that works well, we can make sure our stock levels are appropriate. It is also essential that the system is always running, because if it is down for a couple of hours, the impact on sales will be significant.”

Jyrki Karjalainen, Alko